Speech Pathologist

Full time, Part time or subcontracting / Melbourne, Sydney and Central Coast New South Whales.

About the Role:
We are seeking a Speech Pathologist to join our growing team. We are open to a subcontractor arrangement, full time employment or part time employment. We are happy to negotiate rates and salaries to suit you. We can also offer flexible hybrid arrangements to suit your lifestyle! 

The Speech Pathologist role is to identify children and adults with speech, language, developmental, learning and social difficulties, and plan and implement appropriate client management plans that will increase success in the their environments as well as the social world. The Speech Pathologist will be expected to liaise with families and other relevant professionals as clinically required.

Some of the key responsibilities of this role are: 

    • Use evidence-based information and tools to identify s speech, language, developmental, learning and social disorders for clients of all ages.
    • Develop appropriate and individualized client management plans for the purpose of managing identified speech, language, developmental, learning and social disorders for clients of all ages.
    • Provide treatment and support for identified speech, language, developmental, learning and social disorders for clients of all ages. Deliver therapy sessions for individuals.
    • Interpret medical and other reports for the purpose of providing information and/or ensuring that relevant aspects of care are included in individual client management plans
    • Collaborate with a variety of groups and/or individuals for the purpose of communicating information, resolving issues and providing a high level of client services
    • Maintain client files and records, for the purpose of ensuring updated information is available at all times in an organized and clear system that complies with the practice's policies and procedures for record keeping
    • Prepare a wide variety of written materials, including reports and letters, which comply with the practice policies and procedures for record keeping, for the purpose of documenting activities and conveying clinical information to families and other professionals
    • Perform off-site consultations as appropriate for the purpose of collaborating with other people involved in client care and gathering information pertinent to the development of client management plans and appropriate intervention and support
    • Independently monitor and manage the client caseload and be responsible for the progress of all clients on the caseload
    • Comply with legal and ethical requirements of both the practice and the governing professional body.

    Skills & Qualifications:

    To be successful in this role, you will need: 

    • Experience in standardized assessments for the purpose of evaluating clients.
    • Experience in report writing
    • Degree in Speech Pathology
    • Minimum 1-2 years prior experience in Speech Pathology
    • SPA registration
    • Great, caring interpersonal skills
    • Experience working with diagnoses such as Autism Spectrum Disorders and developmental delays
    • Experience working with a collaborative team towards common goals for the young client.
    • Have a valid Working with Children’s Check and NDIS WC

    Graduates are also encouraged to apply provided you are registered for AHPRA or willing to register

    Please contact Natalie on 0456622094 or email natalie@vcjrecruitment.com.au for further information

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